Mei Ling’s Big Adventure into Affiliate Marketing – Part 1
May 9th, 2009 by estreet

Now that I released the MOST AWESOME eBay search tool and promo banner maker for eBay sellers, WatchedItem.com, I’m finally to the point that I need to get serious about marketing.

1. My first step to getting visible was to use my name, Mei Ling. Pronounced it sounds like “May Ling”. It’s my middle name which is Chinese for Beautiful Princess Warrior (well, more like pretty and petite). I used Mei Ling for my entire life until I started my own business and went by my first name, Michelle. Why? I guess I wanted to be stay anonymous. But I’m a Mei Ling at heart.

2. Second, I contacted ShoeMoney to see if he wanted to work with me and Vitalii on a new project. Jeremy Schoemaker had posted he was looking at opportunities to invest in or projects to collaborate on. My expertise is in specifying features and getting development done whether doing it myself or working with developers. That’s my sweet spot, but I need the Marketing piece. Partnering with a superstar would be awesome. We’re totally ready to build a larger scale service. No reply yet.

3. Third, I signed up for ShoeMoney tools, John Reese’s Opportunity.com, Tim Buchalka and entered The $10,000 Business Boost. One of the prizes for the $10,000 Business Boost is Aaron Wall’s SEOBook SEO Training. I already follow every single piece of SEO advice from SEOBook, but I haven’t signed up for the service.

Next post… What I learned so far.

Mei Ling :-)

Statcounter.com’s SEO Guidance
Oct 3rd, 2008 by estreet

The guy running Statcounter.com runs a great service. He wasn’t successful overnight so I respect him ever more.

Here’s his take on SEO: http://blog.statcounter.com/

It will take me at least an hour to study this post because there is a lot of supporting info.

Seo Book Blog is good reading
Oct 2nd, 2008 by estreet

http://www.seobook.com/blog publishes an overwhelming amount of information each day. However, it’s organized in sections so that you can grab a thought or snippet to digest.

One thing I picked up is the use of the rel="nofollow" link attribute. I had thousands of clicks on ePN from MSN’s bot crawling my site the other day.

The linked to page will not get indexed but I still have to verify that the link text itself is indexed. I see contradicting opinions on this.

I guess this is why there are so many blogs on SEO. The tools and techniques constantly change.

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