I sent my money to Azerbaijan
Jan 9th, 2008 by estreet

Wow, try to spell Azerbaijan without a dictionary!

I signed up for MicroPlace.com on Jan 1 and chose my debtor. $50 went to Azerbaijan. It was the best choice because:

  1. 42% of the money goes to women
  2. 3% annual yield – the highest on MicroPlace
  3. 100% payback rate

OK. Now that that’s done, I can watch the grass grow for the next 4 years until I collect my $56.27.

Recall my last post on MicroPlace where I scoffed at Prosper.com. “Too many people wanting to consolidate their debt!”, I exclaimed. It’s true, but they have more exciting gambling action. The loan durations are much shorter, there’s more defaults, and you can talk with other lenders about the borrowers.

There’s even people borrowing money to become a bigger Prosper.com lender. A Parlay move! Sweet.

Prosper was down Sunday morning or I would be gaming with the rest of the “Haves” and dishing on the “Have Nots”.


Note to self and everyone else reading this -> sign up for┬áProsper.com’s affiliate program.

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