PlasticJungle Twitter Contest – I Want to be a Weiner
Aug 1st, 2009 by estreet

PlasticJungle runs a safer marketplace for giftcards than eBay. I had a great experience with PlasticJungle last month. My $35 check arrived promptly. Check out the eBay widget below to compare giftcards on eBay vs. Plastic Jungle.

Well, now they are running a Twitter contest starting Aug. 3. View the details on PlasticJungle.com.


Save up to 40% at your favorite stores!

The Etsy API and CraftCult App are Sweet!
Aug 1st, 2009 by estreet

I just used the Etsy API to run some product searches. It was very, very easy.

The Etsy Developers need to add a few more sort parameters to the keyword and tag search, like number bought and number of favorers (yes, that’s a word). But I like it. I really like it!

Here’s a nice looking Etsy application called Craft Cult.


Etsy offers a nice community feature that is missing on eBay. Etsy shows sellers who is has marked their shop as a favorite. CraftCult.com runs a cron to show the history of new favorers. Cool!


Etsy also shows the Etsy user names who “heart” an item for sale. Love it! I don’t know why eBay doesn’t utilize their watch list to build their community like Etsy.


My eBay app, WatchedItem, shows the number of watchers of an eBay item. Watchers are anonymous on eBay.


Watched Item shows the top 500 most popular items on eBay. It’s a good way to find the most attention grabbing items on eBay.


Amazon acquires Zappos
Jul 22nd, 2009 by estreet

Lunch with Zappos executives
Originally uploaded by Robert Scoble
Here Rackspace executives and employees meet with Zappos
executives. They don’t like being called executives, by the way.
They call themselves monkeys.

Amazon buys Zappos for 10M in Amazon stock. Does Zappos + Bezos = Bappos or Zezos?

Last month, there was a report that eBay Senior Vice President Stephanie Tilenius said that Zappos would be selling some items on eBay. That project was promptly squashed. Now I know why.

By the way, 10M in Amazon stock is worth $890M!

The “Chicken nugget shaped like a bunny rabbit” auction is mine, all mine!
May 15th, 2009 by estreet

I’m the first bidder on the Chicken nugget shaped like a bunny rabbit!!! Surprisingly, I will make a profit on it. I bid $.99 and eBay Bucks says I get $1.00 back.


Watch the fur (or feathers) fly on this auction at www.watcheditem.com

What’s new on WatchedItem.com
Apr 28th, 2009 by estreet

We’ve settled into a 2 week release schedule for WatchedItem.com. That’s a good because I tend to stuff more and more features in until the release gets too big.

This is what’s getting released this month:
1. Hover images on the search page. Can you believe eBay charges sellers for enlarged pictures?
2. Sort a seller’s items by watchers on the search page.
3. Product Gallery Banner shows items sorted by watchers.
4. Better logs and an alert system to tell me if something is wrong with the banners.
5. A FAQ page.
6. Better landing page from the watcher counter.
7. Better landing page for search engine traffic.

…and a ton of other little things.

Oh, yeah, I added a cool “tweet this” button because I’m a Twitterhead now. twitter.com/eBayWatchedItem

Kim Kardashian auctioning Reggie’s motocycle on eBay for charity
Apr 11th, 2009 by estreet

Another of Kim Kardashian’s charity auctions enters into the WatchedItem.com’s Hall of Fame top 500 most popular listings on eBay.

It’s for Reggie Bush’s motorcycle which has 443 watchers at 7 pm CT today.

Suzuki : GSX-R Reggie Bush’s Custom Suzuki Motorcycle, 2007

View kimsaprincess's items! Banner created by WatchedItem.com
Free seller photo widgets at www.WatchedItem.com

Auction Watcher Counter from WatchedItem.com

Obama coin fever on eBay
Jan 29th, 2009 by estreet

Poloblade is an eBay seller that sells commemorative coins.

Obama coins are hot. This one has 122 watchers and 825 were purchased.

obama dollar on eBay

Island Dreaming on eBay
Jan 25th, 2009 by estreet

Lots of people are dreaming of warm weather. I like the idea of buying a vacation on eBay, but will I get what I pay for? Here’s some hot listings for Hawaiin vacations on eBay.

hawii most watched vacations on eBay

This BIN has 59 watchers: Hawaii 5 Days 4 Nights Hotel Waikiki Oahu Honolulu

This auction is even more impressive with 53 watchers in just 7 days. Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Spring Break Hawaii Maui

Twilight, Sookie Stackhouse and Anita Blake have serious fans… like me
Jan 25th, 2009 by estreet

I saw the movie Twilight on www.tv-dome.net yesterday. I resisted watching the movie for quite a while. That’s strange for me since I’m a huge fan of Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series and Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series. I’ve attended 3 of Laurell’s book signings and 1 of Charlaine’s.

Perhaps I was simply fighting getting sucked into another long series when I’m trying to focus on Watched Item work. I give up. I’ll just combine Twilight and Watcheditem.

Twilight most watched items on eBay


Well, I wrote for about an hour on the popularity of the Twilight tshirts, books and charms. Wordpress logged me out and lost my edits. I give up. Just imagine it was fascinating. ;-)

GetClayByDan sells awesome art on eBay
Jan 19th, 2009 by estreet

GetClayByDan rocks! But don’t take my word for it, just look at it…

getclaybydanhof on eBay

getclaybydan on eBay - top 500 most watched item on eBay


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