How to View the Most Purchased Items on eBay
Feb 8th, 2008 by estreet

Which items sell the most on eBay?  It’s important to know what’s selling because it tells you how much you can sell.  So before you invest time and money in a niche, check out how well other sellers and products are doing.

Now you can see the top selling items on the eSeller Street search page which uses the eBay API.

This is a really cool example for Mystery Auctions: See Mystery Auctions.  This is the Everything Else category:  See Everything Else

I admit it’s not an easy screen to read.  But it’s handy if you need a list of top selling products. 

Here’s how you interpret the results:
This is a screenshot of the results in the Everything Else category from highest to lowest. 

Listing #1 - This is a classified ad.  eBay counts each “email the seller” as a bid or purchase but they don’t tell me the exact number – thus the “0 bids” in the heading.  This is great because you can’t find this info on eBay.  Who would have known that this is the most contacted Classified Ad in this category?    mostcontactedclassified.jpg

Listing #2,3,4 – These are Buy It Now listings.  Each purchase is counted.  Go the the listing on eBay and click on “purchase history” to see the actual amount.  Again, eBay does not tell me the exact number of purchases.

Auctions are counted by bids.   This number is given to me.

You can change the category or narrow by keywords.  First enter keywords and/or category.  Then click -> 1. find most watched, click -> 2. Highest Bids. 


This is a fanastic tool for determining what is actually selling on eBay. 

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