Fixed price listing numbers surge on eBay
Sep 25th, 2008 by estreet

Fixed price listing insertion fees on eBay were reduced to just $.35 on Sept 16. Also, longer durations were introduced: 30 days and Good Til Canceled.

Take a look at how sellers responded in the charts below. An extra 5 Million listings were added to eBay which is a 33% increase.

This reminds me of when eBay introduced the store listing several years ago. So many sellers flocked to the very cheap store format that eBay became desperate for auction listings. To rebalance the site, eBay made store listings less attractive by pushing store listings down in the search results.

So there is more than a déjà vu feeling here, it’s a like living it all over again.  And I estimate that eBay Express will be reincarnated within 2 years.

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