Feb 11th, 2008 by estreet

First, I don’t use Black Hat techniques. Now on to the post…

One of my blog posts was linked to in the Black Hat World forum: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo/6113-ebay-cookie-stuffing-listing.html

The entire forum contains very interesting discussions on Black Hat techniques and scripts.

My blog got about 100 hits from BlackHatWorld.com. What’s noteworthy is the location of the visitors. A lot of visitors came from Eastern Europe and Asia. When I see Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Pakistan and India, I think “PHP developer”. That’s because when I need to outsource a programming job, that is where I look. I think the off-shore developers PM the forum contributors who need scripts written.


Black Hat World forum info:

  • Threads: 7,232
  • Posts: 55,910
  • Active Members: 3,695

This is a pretty active group. Each member has posted 15 times on average.


“White Hat” SEO techniques, like those found on SEOmoz or Shoemoney, optimize business results while building long term relationships with major advertisers and platforms.

“Black Hat” involves deception. “Black Hat” techniques are usually against the Terms of Use for an affiliate program, PPC program or search engine guidelines. People using Black Hat techniques will be stopped if they get caught. So it’s a short term stategy.

And again, I’m purely into White Hat. I’ve always had a long term outlook. There’s nothing wrong with optimizing results if it’s within TOS (or in the grey zone).

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