My BigCrumbs referrer
Aug 14th, 2008 by estreet

I clicked on a link on the BigCrumbs.com home page and found one of my referrers. I think I first clicked through to BigCrumbs from Auction Bytes.

This person has 17,800 people in their network and earned about $2,700. That’s around $130 per month. Very interesting. I love hard numbers.

BigCrumbs account shows detailed purchase activity
Jun 26th, 2008 by estreet

Someone is buying a lot of stuff online this week. In my BigCrumbs.com account, I can see that my referrals purchased 11 items for $1,095 in the past 7 days. That’s about the most I’ve seen in a week on my account. 10 items for $1,049 were purchased on eBay.com.

My cut of the affiliate kickback is $2.70.

I have a 3rd generation now. I will get credit for purchases for up to the 5th generation of referrals.

I just like to see the progression. Kinda like www.wheresgeorge.com where you can trace the journey of a $1 bill.


BigCrumbs now saves you more than FatWallet
Jan 22nd, 2008 by estreet

Vince at BigCrumbs.com brought this to my attention. In my previous post comparing the two savings sites, the numbers I used for BigCrumbs must have been CrumbEarner rates, not CrumbSaver rates.

BigCrumbs.com CrumbSavers save more than FatWallet.com users on 5 out of 6 randomly chosen online sites.

Here’s the apples to apples comparison – revised today 1/22:

  1. SharperImage.com
    • BigCrumbs 7.2%
    • Fatwallet 6.6%
  2. BestBuy.com
    • BigCrumbs 0.9 - 2.7%
    • FatWallet Not Offered
  3. Dell.com
    • BigCrumbs 0.9%
    • FatWallet 3.0%
  4. BarnesandNoble.com
    • BigCrumbs 4.5%
    • FatWallet 3%
  5. Borders.com
    • BigCrumbs 5.4%
    • FatWallet 2%
  6. Target.com
    • BigCrumbs 2.7 – 9.0%
    • FatWallet Not Offered

Of course the appeal of BigCrumbs is that you can sign up as a CrumbEarner to earn money on other people’s purchases. FatWallet has relationships with 553 online merchants, but notably, eBay is not one of them. BigCrumbs.com offers savings at 227 merchants.

Speaking of e-consumerism, check out the workmanship on my new DeMarini Diablo softball glove.

Demarini Softball Glove
Which cash-back shopping site should you use? FatWallet vs BigCrumbs
Dec 12th, 2007 by estreet

FatWallet.com and BigCrumbs.com both pay you back a portion of their affiliate commission when you click through their links to make an online purchase. Most online retailers pay 1% to 10% affiliate commissions to websites that send buyers to them. FatWallet pioneered the model of paying part of their commission back to buyers.

How do the cash back amounts compare between BigCrumbs (CrumbSaver) and FatWallet? Here’s a few.

  1. SharperImage.com
    • BigCrumbs 4%
    • Fatwallet 8%
  2. BestBuy.com
    • BigCrumbs 1.5%
    • FatWallet Not Offered
  3. Dell.com
    • BigCrumbs 0.5%
    • FatWallet 3.0%
  4. BarnesandNoble.com
    • BigCrumbs 2.5%
    • FatWallet 4.2%
  5. Borders.com
    • BigCrumbs 3%
    • FatWallet 2%
  6. Target.com
    • BigCrumbs 1.5 – 5%
    • FatWallet 4.4 – 6%


  • Highest payout – Generally FatWallet is better compared to BC’s CrumbSaver
  • Number of Retailers Offered – BigCrumbs 205, FatWallet 519
  • Works with eBay – BigCrumbs
  • Cash for Referring others – Big Crumbs
  • Gives to Charity – FatWallet
  • Trustworthiness – Tie, both are excellent.
  • Payments – BigCrumbs uses PayPal, FatWallet pays with Checks

I recommend using FatWallet when buying from most retailers. Use BigCrumbs for buying from eBay or other sites not offered by FatWallet. This recommendation especially holds true if you are a BigCrumbs CrumbEarner since you get a lower percentage on your own purchases.

Sharper Image on FatWallet.com
Sharper Image on FatWallet.com

Sharper Image on BigCrumbs.com
Sharper Image on BigCrumbs.com

Footnote: I determined the number of retailers each site offered by copying the web page source code from each of their main “browse retailers” pages, looking at their HTML structure and finding the retailer instances.

Big Crumbs part deux
Nov 25th, 2007 by estreet

BigCrumbs.com released their feature set 2. It includes some nice stats on referrals.

On 14 people in my first generation of referrals, I made $.36 in the past 12 months. I did a lot better than my referrals because only 2 recruited any other people.
Big Crumbs referrals

It’s a really a fun site to watch but I’m not going to get rich. It’s more productive to create my own content for affiliate links.

BigCrumbs.com update
Nov 7th, 2007 by estreet

Last year, I wrote about joining the Big Crumbs rebate and referral program. Using BigCrumbs.com is a good way to get money back on any eBay purchase.

But how about their referral program? No so good for me, although people on their forum claim to have thousands of referrals. I’m always a skeptic on what people claim when they know no one can verify the numbers.

I have 16 total referrals: 14 in my 1st generation and 2 in the second generation. You can get payout on up to 5 generations of referrals.
BigCrumbs.com referals update

This was one of my biggest BigCrumbs payouts. If you can’t read it the amount in this image, it’s about the cost of a Diet Pepsi.
Big Crumbs account statement - payout

It hasn’t been a very productive tool for me but I have to say the Big Crumbs website and service works perfectly. They deserve a “Nice Job” pat on the back for the service!

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