What’s the difference between Billy Mays and Eben Pagan?
May 18th, 2009 by estreet

Billy Mays is likable and entertaining on Pitchman (Discovery Channel Thursday nights). What do they have in common? I suspect they both got rich from their ability to pitch products.

Do not listen to this Eben Pagan self promotion audio clip: http://masscontrolsite.com/blog/?p=50

I’ll summarize it for you just in case you are curious: I’m Eben, and I’m so popular and successful because I mastered the art of the hard sell blah, blah, blah,…. and now every one of my customers sends spammy emails to you.

1. Give your most valuable thing away.

2. Use the 4 learning styles to communicate with 100% of audience:

  • Why learning style: If you learn this, you get this payoff, if you don’t, this will happen.
  • What learning style: How does it work, what’s the history, academic style, theory
  • How: Action steps, like 1, 2, 3 steps to help them.
  • What if: Do it right now. Take action. Call to action.

Example: Teach someone about email marketing.
Why: Email marketing is responsible for 90% of money made.
What: history, examples of emails.
How: get aweber.com, give link.
What if: “key to success is to get started today” “Go to your computer now, or you will never do it.”

Why did I listen in pain to this clip? I got an email recommendation from this “credible” Affiliate Marketer.

“I just wanted to THANK YOU both for what I consider to be the BEST interview and info-call that I have ever heard in the 5 years I have been listening to webinars, tele-conference calls, tele-seminars, etc.”

The above comment was made by someone that just listened to an amazing interview that you need to check out.

* No opt-in is required.

This is quite easily one of the best ‘marketing’
interviews ever…

Tons of killer tips and techniques were shared. From launches to how to ‘giveaway’ stuff that can make you a fortune.

Listen to it now *and* make sure to take notes…

Yours For Online Profits,

John Reese

Income.com, Inc., 8815 Conroy-Windermere rd #415, Orlando, FL 32835, USA

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