Obama coin fever on eBay
Jan 29th, 2009 by estreet

Poloblade is an eBay seller that sells commemorative coins.

Obama coins are hot. This one has 122 watchers and 825 were purchased.

obama dollar on eBay

Island Dreaming on eBay
Jan 25th, 2009 by estreet

Lots of people are dreaming of warm weather. I like the idea of buying a vacation on eBay, but will I get what I pay for? Here’s some hot listings for Hawaiin vacations on eBay.

hawii most watched vacations on eBay

This BIN has 59 watchers: Hawaii 5 Days 4 Nights Hotel Waikiki Oahu Honolulu

This auction is even more impressive with 53 watchers in just 7 days. Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Spring Break Hawaii Maui

Twilight, Sookie Stackhouse and Anita Blake have serious fans… like me
Jan 25th, 2009 by estreet

I saw the movie Twilight on www.tv-dome.net yesterday. I resisted watching the movie for quite a while. That’s strange for me since I’m a huge fan of Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series and Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series. I’ve attended 3 of Laurell’s book signings and 1 of Charlaine’s.

Perhaps I was simply fighting getting sucked into another long series when I’m trying to focus on Watched Item work. I give up. I’ll just combine Twilight and Watcheditem.

Twilight most watched items on eBay


Well, I wrote for about an hour on the popularity of the Twilight tshirts, books and charms. Wordpress logged me out and lost my edits. I give up. Just imagine it was fascinating. ;-)

Reborn lovers can find the most popular listings on eBay
Jan 19th, 2009 by estreet

WatchedItem.com shows the most popular eBay listings of reborn baby dolls. Reborn dolls are some of the most watched items on eBay.com and eBay.co.uk.

Check out the top reborn dolls on watcheditem.com.

Here’s what the top listings looked like today, Jan 19, 2009. Click on the other tags (berenguer, reborn boy, reborn babies, preemie, ashton drake, lee middleton) to refine your search.

Most popular reborn dolls on eBay

Our new server is sooooo fast
Jan 19th, 2009 by estreet

We moved to a new virtual private server this weekend. Banners are generating in a fraction of the time they took on the old shared server. Check it out!


GetClayByDan sells awesome art on eBay
Jan 19th, 2009 by estreet

GetClayByDan rocks! But don’t take my word for it, just look at it…

getclaybydanhof on eBay

getclaybydan on eBay - top 500 most watched item on eBay


You love to watch eBay items. So do I. Tell me more…
Jan 12th, 2009 by estreet

A lot of people visit, and frequently revisit, this most watched eBay items page on eSeller Street.

I added a suggestion box so you can tell me how to make watching easier for you.

-> Tell me how to improve the most watched eBay items page. <-

I can’t wait to hear from you!


How to Find the Number of Watchers for an eBay seller – works for US and UK
Jan 8th, 2009 by estreet

As a follow up to this popular post,
How to Find the Number of Watchers on an eBay Item – Works for US and UK, lets find the number of watchers for a particular eBay seller’s items.

Go to www.watcheditem.com/?page=watchitem and enter an eBay seller’s ID. I used eBay ID “Thursday*Girl” in this example. The top 10 most popular items for that seller are shown. Check the box next to the number of bids to view the current watcher count.
Find number of watchers for an eBay seller's items

You can insert this watcher counter into your listings to show your watcher count to buyers. This will make buyers more competitive in their bidding.

WatchedItem.com shows eBay watchers and popular eBay Items
Jan 7th, 2009 by estreet

WatchedItem.com is now released. It’s a free banner maker for eBay sellers which displays very unique information.

eBay sellers can show how popular their items are by adding watcher counters to their listings.

Or they can cross promote their other items in gorgeous banner styles.

Finally, popular sellers can display their Hall Of Fame banner which shows their items that reached the top 500 most watched items on eBay.com and eBay.co.uk.

Each banner automatically refreshes with the latest eBay information!

Watch and be watched with free banners from WatchedItem.com.

Contemporary Oil Painting Artists on eBay
Jan 7th, 2009 by estreet

There are 3 similar contemporary Oil Painting artists on eBay: Art-Coast (the original from Chicago), GreatOilPainting (from China), and AvantArtDeco (from China).

Art-Coast, aka Paula Nizamas, is very popular having 11 to 25 watchers per listing. She is quite a prolific seller who moves 25 to 35 paintings per month. The final price is around $250 to $400 each.

These sellers list their art at half the price of Art-Coast’s art. Their listing templates are definitely “borrowed” from Art-Coast.

FREE eBay Banners from www.WatchedItem.com.

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