Fixed price listing numbers surge on eBay
Sep 25th, 2008 by estreet

Fixed price listing insertion fees on eBay were reduced to just $.35 on Sept 16. Also, longer durations were introduced: 30 days and Good Til Canceled.

Take a look at how sellers responded in the charts below. An extra 5 Million listings were added to eBay which is a 33% increase.

This reminds me of when eBay introduced the store listing several years ago. So many sellers flocked to the very cheap store format that eBay became desperate for auction listings. To rebalance the site, eBay made store listings less attractive by pushing store listings down in the search results.

So there is more than a déjà vu feeling here, it’s a like living it all over again.  And I estimate that eBay Express will be reincarnated within 2 years.

No more roundtripping for eBay Partner Network
Sep 19th, 2008 by estreet

Somebody didn’t get the memo.

The eBay Partner Network issued this statement last week.

Any transaction resulting from traffic that has been redirected off of an Advertiser site (e.g. eBay.com) will be disqualified, and you will not receive commissions

ChannelAdvisor burns through $30M in 16 months
Sep 15th, 2008 by estreet

ChannelAdvisor received $30M in May, 2007. Now they just got an additional $20M in funding.

Their cash burn rate is around $2M per month. Wheee! That would be fun.

That makes me think, what’s better: a small lifestyle business or a high risk, high reward funded business?

The decision is a function of the founder’s personality and skills. Do they want to spend their day setting company goals and persuading venture capitalists to invest? Or do they want control and slow growth?

A lot of times, the company starts as a small lifestyle business and becomes successful. Think eBay. Then the founder has to decide on an exit strategy. Think Pierre Omidyar choosing Jeff Skoll, and then Meg Whitman to lead his company.

To answer my own question, I guess there’s no “best” kind of company. They are just success or failure on a different scale.

I have a modestly successful lifestyle business. One day, I hope to grow the business enough so that I can run it rather than work in it. Halloween is the 3rd anniversary of eSeller Street, Inc. That’s my definition of success.

eBay Developer Disappears
Sep 15th, 2008 by estreet

Interesting article on Auction Software Review:

Shooting Star Becomes Black Hole As Developer Disappears

Users of desktop auction management tool Shooting Star have been left in the lurch following the disappearance of developer Kevin Olayan.

The formerly well-regarded tool for eBay sellers has not been updated since August 2007 and the ordering page on the Shooting Star website has been removed. Panicked users discovered that Olayan was arrested on 19 July 2008 for Driving While Intoxicated and other traffic charges in Hawaii, the developer’s home base. Attempts to contact Olayan, including visiting Hawaii to search for him, have failed.

A new eBay group has been set up by Shooting Star user flykitty to support users and search for alternative auction management tools.

eBay Layoffs?
Sep 14th, 2008 by estreet

Scot Wingo comments on the possible eBay layoffs on his blog. The layoff is speculation by investment research firm, Wedge Partners.

But Scot reveals some info details on where the 16,000 eBay employees work in his post. I recall in 2005 at eBay Live! they said there were 10,000 employees. So they grew by 60% even though the eBay platform has be flat for 3 years?

Personally, I think they have some fat to trim. At the eBay Dev Conf, there were numerous eBay and PayPal new employees asking if they could assist me. When I said “yes”, and stated the details of my question, they couldn’t understand my question nor direct me to someone who could answer my question.

I don’t think we would notice a thing should eBay make the cut.

jewelryauctioneer eBay seller profile
Sep 13th, 2008 by estreet

Now this is a nice looking seller banner!

eBay diamond ring

They have high watcher counts too.

New eBay Pulse released today
Sep 12th, 2008 by estreet

There is a new eBay Pulse. The new page seems to come and go. The old page shows about 50% of the time.

eBay Pulse

It’s got a nice layout but there is not enough meat. I need numbers, pictures and names. It’s so neutral.

The most prominent section called the “internet pulse” makes no sense. You click the top searched terms on the internet and they take you to matching eBay items. People googled “blog”, “iphone”, “google” (google squared?), and “launch”. Only “iphone” is something you would buy on eBay.

Take a look and tell me what do you think.

More nice eBayers
Sep 3rd, 2008 by estreet

Here’s a listing from eBay seller berkshire*lane. I think the WatchedItem.com seller profile banner coordinates very well with the template.

Seller Profile banner by WatchedItem.com.

Here’s Jake from WatchCount.com.

eBay seller purejts

eBay seller purejts

eBay seller Shoemetro
Sep 3rd, 2008 by estreet

View shoemetro items! Banner created by WatchedItem.com

They sell great shoes and the best Anne Klein boots I’ve ever owned
! And they have a new blog from a seller’s perspective.

Seller Profile banner by WatchedItem.com.

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