eBay is flat. Want to meet up at eBay Live?
Jun 4th, 2008 by estreet

This article on Auction Bytes made me think. Auctions doomed discussion on Auction Bytes

eBay has saturated its market. Auction listings have been a flat 11-17 million since 2005.

The average sell through rate has been a constant ~40% since the end of 2003.

It’s natural for any product or service to hit saturation and eventually decline. Here’s a little article on the phenomenon.

The downturn in the economy and the fact that eBay auctions are no longer a novelty to buyers are large factors. Even though it’s market forces that are affecting eBay, some sellers are very angry. However, I think most sellers have adapted their products to maximize their success on eBay or have moved on to bigger and better things.

I’ll go to eBay Live and the Dev Conf to see what’s going on. I still like eBay and the nice sellers who keep on plugging along.

Anyone else going? Send me an email if you want to meet up! michelle@esellerstreet.com

Mystery Auction ban
Jun 2nd, 2008 by estreet

As announced on May 19, Mystery Auctions are being banned from eBay this month. I don’t really understand the appeal of Mystery Auctions, but I assume it is basically a gambling endeavor.

Some eBayers are really passionate about Mystery Auctions. I joined this group thinking that it had to do with Pulsers: http://groups.ebay.com/forum/Mystery-Pulse-List/Welcome/1500025753

Surprisingly, there were $126,934 in eBay sales of Mystery Auctions last month. 9,189 mystery items were sold.

Here are all of the sales statistics of Mystery Auctions last month from eSeller Street: http://esellerstreet.com/mystery.htm

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