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June 19th, 2008 by estreet

BigCrumbs is a pay-you-back site for eBay purchases. But now Microsoft Search is offering cashback on purchases including items purchased on eBay. First, you need to sign up here.

Then search for items through at this URL or from www.MSN.com: http://search.live.com/cashback

Click on the CashBack logo to get credit for your purchases.

You will see the CashBack logo right on your eBay pages.

It’s only good for the purchases on 3 sessions. See condition 7 below.
Here are the complete Ts & Cs shown on eBay:

Terms and Conditions

Your participation in Live Search cashback (the “Program”) on www.eBay.com is subject to the Microsoft Service Agreement terms at http://tou.live.com (the “Program Terms”) and conditions plus the additional terms and conditions below. In the event of a conflict between these additional terms and the Program Terms, the terms below are controlling for your participation in the Program on www.eBay.com.

  1. Additional Purchase Requirements. Your ability to earn cashback rewards (“Cashback Rewards”) from Microsoft for purchases on www.eBay.com is subject to the following additional requirements:
    1. You must successfully complete an eligible purchase on www.eBay.com using “Buy-It-Now” within sixty (60) minutes of clicking on an eBay paid search advertisement marked with the Live Search cashback logo (a “Online Session”);
    2. Cashback Rewards will be applied only to the first eligible item you commit to buy during an Online Session. Cashback Rewards will not be applied to any additional items or purchases. A single listing with multiple items will be considered one item for the purposes of these terms and conditions.
    3. You must pay for the eligible item using your PayPal account within the shorter of thirty (30) days of completing the purchase on www.eBay.com and the time frame specified by the seller;
    4. Only purchases that are completed on www.eBay.com during an Online Session in accordance with the Program Terms as modified by these additional terms are eligible for Cashback Rewards.
      The following purchases that are completed on www.eBay.com are not eligible for Cashback Rewards (“Excluded eBay Purchases”):

      1. purchases that are completed on www.express.ebay.com or www.half.ebay.com;
      2. purchases of automobiles or other vehicles;
      3. purchases of real estate;
      4. purchases that are completed using a third party checkout system.

      If you attempt to complete any of the above Excluded eBay Purchases on www.eBay.com during an Online Session, eBay will notify you on the purchase review page of the “Buy-It-Now” transaction process that the purchase is not eligible. Please review the purchase review page carefully before you “commit to Buy”. eBay may add or remove types of purchases to the list of Excluded eBay Purchases in its sole discretion from time to time. Please review these terms and conditions before you complete a purchase.

    5. eBay does not limit purchases eligible for Cashback Rewards by the purpose for which they are acquired (e.g., purchases acquired for resale). The Cashback Rewards that you are eligible to obtain from Microsoft will be disclosed to you on www.eBay.com and will be equal to a percentage of the final sale price of the first item purchased during an Online Session (excluding shipping and handling fees, insurance fees and other such fees), for up to a maximum of $250.00 per Online Session. Cashback Rewards will be available in your Program account to transfer to your PayPal account approximately sixty (60) days of the date on which you complete your purchase on eBay.com. You must have a PayPal account in order to receive Cashback Rewards for purchases on www.eBay.com. You may not redeem any Cashback Rewards until you have earned a total of $5.00 in Cashback Rewards;
    6. After you complete an eligible purchase, before redeeming your Cashback Rewards, you must go to http://cashbackaccount.search.live.com/cashback/welcome.aspx and set up a Program account by providing all of the required information (or, if you already have an account, confirm your membership status);
    7. You may receive Cashback Rewards for up to a maximum of three (3) Online Sessions per account on www.ebay.com. Once you have completed three (3) Online Sessions under any eBay.com account, you will no longer be eligible to receive Cashback Rewards for purchases made under such eBay.com account. If you have exceeded the limit of permitted Cashback Rewards, eBay will notify you on the purchase review page of the “Buy-It-Now” transaction process. Please review the purchase review page carefully before you “commit to buy”. Cashback Rewards can not be transferred or applied to multiple eBay.com accounts;
    8. The Program is open only to confirmed registered members of the eBay Site who (a) are legal residents of the United States, (b) are eighteen (18) years of age or older and (c) satisfy the requirements set forth herein and in the Program Terms;
    9. You will not be eligible for Cashback Rewards for purchases on www.eBay.com if your account on www.eBay.com or www.PayPal.com is not in good standing. In order for your accounts to be deemed in good standing, you must not have a hold on either of your accounts and your accounts must not be suspended or past due when you pay for the item(s) you purchase;
    10. eBay may permit you to combine Cashback Rewards with other eBay promotions, coupons, or gift certificates (each, an “eBay Promotion”) and may permit you to receive Cashback Rewards on purchases of gift cards or gift certificates. If eBay elects to do so, you will be provided with an opportunity to combine Cash Back Rewards with the eBay Promotion during the checkout flow on www.eBay.com. With the exception of eBay Promotions as described herein, Cashback Rewards cannot be combined with any other offer on purchases on www.eBay.com.
    11. eBay provides Microsoft with limited information about your eligible purchase (such as the date, time, amount, and item description) when you apply for a Cashback Reward. Microsoft will use this information only to process and manage your Cashback Rewards, and not for any other purpose.
  2. Additional Redemption Requirements. In addition to the redemption requirements in Program Terms, You must redeem Cashback Rewards obtained as a result of a purchase on www.ebay.com exclusively via your PayPal account.

Live Search cashback is a program operated by Microsoft Corporation. Cashback Rewards are funded and paid by Microsoft. Your participation in the Program is subject to the Program Terms as supplemented by these additional terms. Neither eBay nor PayPal have any obligations to you regarding Cashback Rewards or your participation in the Program. You hereby agree to release eBay Inc. and PayPal, Inc. (and their officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures and employees) from claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with the Program. You will indemnify and hold eBay Inc. and PayPal, Inc. (and their officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures and employees), harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of the Program Terms or these additional terms.

Use of www.eBay.com shall be governed by the eBay.com user agreement and privacy policy accessible here (collectively, the “eBay User Agreement”). Use of PayPal.com shall be governed by the PayPal.com user agreement and privacy policy accessible here (collectively, the “PayPal User Agreement”). You will not be eligible to participate in the Program if you fail to comply with the eBay User Agreement or PayPal User Agreement. Any information you provide to Microsoft on any Microsoft websites will be subject to Microsoft’s user agreement and privacy policy. eBay may update these terms from time to time by posting revised terms and conditions on www.eBay.com.

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