Is the Guitar an eBay Pulsed auction?
May 2nd, 2008 by estreet

A reader pointed out the “ROLLING STONES Autographed Gibson Firebird V Guitar!” as a possible Pulser listing. So I tracked the number of watchers on this listing today using eSeller Street.

The increase in watchers is impressive. I started watching this morning at 5 am eBay time when it had 900 watchers. There are changes in the watcher acquisition rate from fast to slow then back to fast. That indicates something is switching on and off.

Is it a script? Well, no. eBay is driving traffic by rotating this graphic and link to the listing on the eBay homepage.

How many natural watchers can you get from being featured on the eBay home page? About 2 watchers per minute. That’s better than the script!

Thanks for the tip, “Watch This”! Keep the suggestions coming.

Top watched item today on eBay.com
May 2nd, 2008 by estreet

Here’s the top watched listing on eBay.com with 900 watchers. ROLLING STONES Autographed Gibson Firebird V Guitar! The proceeds go to charity.

Thanks for the tip, whoever you are!

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