Mystery Auctions banned from eBay
May 20th, 2008 by estreet

eBay announced their new Trust & Safety policies yesterday. Here’s a few that will affect some readers of this blog.

This one is going to bum out the Mystery Pulse List Auctions group. There were 729 Mystery Auction listings this morning.

Mystery Auctions prohibited:
Due to the high rate of claims and bad buying experiences related to these listings, starting early June, the Chance Policy will now also include Mystery Auctions as a prohibited item.

eBay has really changed under the new President. They have dramatically increased their execution speed in all departments. They rapidly implemented new functionality like best match, custom item specifics and the eBay Partner Network.

Their policy enforcement has shifted from *almost* none to blasting sellers with a shotgun and asking questions later.

The past few years have been marked by inaction. eBay is making up for it now.

For example, the best match search algorithm has evolved to include the seller’s performance. I like this one. It means eBay is walking their talk. They want good sellers that buyers value. As a reward for performance, the seller will get more visibility.

Monitor your seller standing and increase visibility in Search
An expanded version of the Seller Dashboard will be available this week, with more information about where you stand and how to maximize your business on eBay. We encourage you to check it often. Watch for a follow-up post on this Announcement Board as soon as the expanded Dashboard is available.

It’s important to note that as part of eBay’s ongoing efforts to raise the bar on selling standards, violations of eBay policies are subject to serious consequences, including restrictions, forfeiture of insertion fees, seller demotion in search results, and suspension. This is intended to drive any selling practices that hurt buyers and good sellers alike off eBay.

As we continue to raise the bar, we also wanted to give you an update on changes we’ve made to Best Match since the rollout of this new sort order in March. As you know, Best Match considers a number of factors including Time Ending Soonest, item relevance, other item attributes, and seller performance.

Since launch, we’ve been monitoring and making adjustments. Some of our adjustments will result in a larger number of sellers with below average performance scores being lowered in Best Match search results. If either of the following conditions apply to you, the visibility of your listings may be reduced:

* Your 30-day shipping cost DSR is 4.5 and below
* Your buyer satisfaction rate (shown on the dashboard) appears as “needs improvement,” “poor” or “unacceptable.”

If you’re in this situation, we want to help you get back to the top in Best Match. Many sellers are discovering that making small changes in their approach can make a positive difference in their DSRs and business results. Here are some tips on how you can improve your buyer satisfaction and DSRs.

Here’s the entire policy update notice.

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One Response  
Geniuses writes:
May 21st, 2008 at 4:00 pm

So those geniuses at ebay penalized the sellers retroactively by counting past neutrals against them.

Neutral means neutral and that’s it.

Ebay may as well change 2 +2 to equal 5 as their math and their objectives are way off.

No wonder they are losing business right and left or maybe they have some sort of formulas that equates to getting rid of our good sellers will mean that we have more buyers and somehow they just like the sound of more “buyers”.

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