eBay commissions unusually low this week – Are they right?
February 20th, 2008 by estreet

eBay ran a 20¢ insertion fee sale on Wednesday, Feb. 13.

This sale has a pretty large impact on eBay commissions as reported by Commission Junction. The low commissions are noticeable 5 to 7 days after the insertion fee sale because that’s when the eBay items will end.

For example, the commission on this eBay item was just 25.5¢.

Lot of 3 Older Christopher Radko Ornaments


Commissions are 1/2 of the total fees charged to the eBay seller. The total fees for this item should be much higher than reported $.51.

The math for a $17.49 sale:

$.20 insertion fee
$.92 final value fee (5.25% * $17.49)

Total fees = $1.12.

So how why does CJ only show fees of $.51? It must be a special condition of the fee sale. {shrug}

Not good!

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