Fanmail – Mean people suck!
February 1st, 2008 by estreet

I get email.

Sometimes I get, “I disagree with your point” or “Did you know there’s a problem with your site?” (Thanks very nice person, Jake!) Unfortunately, this is not one of them.

StalkerJones is a mean one. He/she writes (and by the way, I’m MW):

MW’s Business model: Ambulance chase, scam people by writing about scams, and hope they click on affiliate links.

You are nothing but an ambulance chaser and it seems that you write about nothing of true value anymore. If you continue to write about the low-lifes that you choose to write about, what does that make you? An ultra low-life.

I know, I know, what you write about may pull in traffic, but if your main concern is monetizing traffic, setup a porn site.

Let’s see if in 2008 you will make a difference in this world, instead of contributing to the downfall of it….

Game on, StalkerJones! This calls for crying a fight name calling a poll.

Please vote for the proportionate response:

1. I haven’t chased an ambulance in months. They are too darn fast to keep up with. I just howl with the sirens.

2. You are not allowed to read my blog anymore until you say you’re sorry. Note to self – block IP address , server50320.uk2net.com until sincerely apologetic email arrives.

3. It’s Friday night. Step away from the computer and head down to the pub for a pint of ale.

4. “Looks like someone needs hug,” said Will Farrell to the raccoon in Elf.

5. It’s 2008? When did that happen?

So there, Mister Crabby Fingers.

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