FatWallet members rank on Big-Boards.com
Jan 10th, 2008 by estreet

A recent comment inspired another one of my researching jaunts when I should be working.

Mermaid said,

I joined fatwallet to see what it was all about… there’s absolutely no incentive to refer others and they aren’t very good at developing a community (no personal pictures). They simply don’t believe in the power of viral marketing. I don’t think I’ll go back.

To the contrary, FatWallet.com ranks up there on the Big-Boards.com forum rankings.

Their forum has 839,000 members (ranked #40) and has 155,000 visitors each day (ranked #5).

Big-Boards.com has a lot of interesing stats – daily unique visitors, posts, members online, and country of origin. They get the stats from their own statcounter scripts. They supply the hit counter code for forum owners to voluntarily use on their site.

I saved $3 this week when I purchased the www.WatchedItem.com domain name for $6.99. Someone posted the January GoDaddy.com codes on the FatWallet.com forum.

FatWallet is about saving money. BigCrumbs is about earning money. So which site you use just depends upon your immediate need.


Hey Vince! Where’s the chocolate chip cookie logo? I sorely miss it.

I sent my money to Azerbaijan
Jan 9th, 2008 by estreet

Wow, try to spell Azerbaijan without a dictionary!

I signed up for MicroPlace.com on Jan 1 and chose my debtor. $50 went to Azerbaijan. It was the best choice because:

  1. 42% of the money goes to women
  2. 3% annual yield – the highest on MicroPlace
  3. 100% payback rate

OK. Now that that’s done, I can watch the grass grow for the next 4 years until I collect my $56.27.

Recall my last post on MicroPlace where I scoffed at Prosper.com. “Too many people wanting to consolidate their debt!”, I exclaimed. It’s true, but they have more exciting gambling action. The loan durations are much shorter, there’s more defaults, and you can talk with other lenders about the borrowers.

There’s even people borrowing money to become a bigger Prosper.com lender. A Parlay move! Sweet.

Prosper was down Sunday morning or I would be gaming with the rest of the “Haves” and dishing on the “Have Nots”.


Note to self and everyone else reading this -> sign up for Prosper.com’s affiliate program.

Generate Traffic & Make Money
Jan 7th, 2008 by estreet

Monkey girl commented:

In the last 30 days here’s the results of our eBay Pulsers:

Kekoa64 sold $11533.44 on eBay
Mystery Giant sold $5124.63 on eBay
jjfjq (a.k.a. Josh Kulp) sold on eBay $4272.14 on eBay

The top positions on the eBay Pulse generate a lot of traffic. The top Pulsers monetize their Pulse positions by converting the traffic to sales of ebooks. But here’s another look at their ability to market and sell on other venues.

Kekoa64 joined BigCrumbs.com in August and now has over 500 referrals. He makes money whenever a referral makes an online purchase at eBay, BestBuy, Target and more.

Look at Kekoa64’s profile details to see that he has the unusual ability to attract a lot of referrals.
kekoa64 bigcrumbs.com page

He successfully referred 284 people in his 1st generation. Those 284 people only referred an average of 0.67 people each. Kekoa64 can sell 422 times better than the average person. And he’s 18 times better than me! ;-)

Kekoa64 in the #1 position on the eBay Pulse

Footnote: How did I find the BigCrumbs profile page? You can search for keywords contained in URLs with Google. http://www.google.com/search?q=inurl:kekoa64&hl=en&start=20

Jeff Paul Shortcuts to Internet Millions is on again
Jan 5th, 2008 by estreet

There were a lot of visits to my original Jeff Paul post today.  His infomercial Shortcuts to Internet Million$ is on CNBC today.  And just like everyone else, I can’t stop watching it!  They grab your attention.  

I read that Jeff Paul was a leading Direct Marketer in the 90’s.  Direct Marketing is when a salesperson calls you to offer you a “no risk” trial of a service or product.  The catch is that if you accept the offer, you have to do something to cancel after the trial period expires.  The sales people know their game well and can fast talk and confuse a person into accepting the offer.  

Shortcuts to Internet Million$ shows testimonials on how $135,000 a month of income changed their life.  This tactic directly addresses their targeted market segment’s hopes and dreams of a better life.  They target the naive, the financially illiterate, the gamblers, the poor and the desperate.  It’s like a lottery ticket except laws ensure that you know what the odds of winning  a lottery really are.  

Jeff Paul is very vague on the success rate of his program.  ”Countless others” have achieved instant wealth without computer knowledge. They could work a little harder on their counting since it’s probably less than 10. Even the Johnchow.com blog – Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul – doesn’t make $135,000 a month. And John Chow has computer knowledge and, surprise, internet knowledge!

There are accounts of people signing up and then being pressured to buy more Jeff Paul products.  People talk about paying sums of $5,000 to $8,000. My friend, the one whose father bought the Paramount Marketing Group Online product in error, shared this insight:

A lot of people avoid confrontation. They would rather agree to buy something than to say “no” to a pushy sales person.

She’s right. And that’s what makes this a lucrative biz.

Here are some of the best articles about the Jeff Paul experience:

Also, you can avoid the high pressure sales tactics by buying the Jeff Paul books on eBay.

Jeff Paul book on eBay

The 2nd tier eBay Pulser
Jan 4th, 2008 by estreet

Let’s look at the 2nd tier of eBay Pulser.   

This Candy Cane auction is weird. There are always multiple listings just like it on the top 20 most watched items on eBay.com, just below Kekoa64, MysteryGiant and Josh Kulp. I haven’t figured out what’s going on yet. Maybe someone can comment on it.

candy cane bid

Weird thing #1: Lots of steady traffic and watchers even on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning.
Candy Cane auction

Weird thing #2: Auction-promotion is the winning buyer. Auction-promotion concurrently ran the auction for a SLOBBERY TENNIS BALL that was also on the eBay Pulse with a peak of 602 watchers.  Schill bidder?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shill

Weird thing #3: Auction-promotion uses the MakeTrack trick on their me page.  If you visit their me page, you will be watching their Dirty Deodorant Stick listing.

embed src="http://cgi1.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MakeTrack&item=290194715682&ssPageName=VIP:watchlink:middle:us  

Weird thing #4: When you start Googling the links in the comments section of these 2nd tier eBay pulse list listings, you are lead to a zillion of these little sites that must be built from the same scripts – Auction-promotion.com, auctionbump.com, mysteryauctionaddicts.com, woohoomysteryman.com/, etc…   Some of these domains go back to 2001.

These are my questions:

How do they steadily accumulate watchers?  It’s very regular traffic for just the MakeTrack trick.  Are they using an automated script in addition to MakeTrack?  

Why are they doing this?  $200 for a candy cane is not enough.  It must be something more lucrative like selling scripts, ebooks, and/or eBay affiliate commissions.  

Jan 4th, 2008 by estreet

Why do people buy Walmart gift cards on eBay for more than the card is worth? There must be some sort of promotion by Paypal or affiliate kickback that makes the purchase worth it.
walmart card

A $10 Walmart card will get you around $.50 in affiliate payback. That’s not much incentive. Identity thieves may be doing this. Chargebacks through Paypal? I don’t really have an answer yet.

But while I was researching this, I found this really cool coupon code site called RetailMeNot.com.

The site has a super user interface. It’s simple to use, fast response time and has smooth actions (not entire page reloads). Check it out here: RetailMeNot.com

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