July 24th, 2007 by estreet

This entry is more personal than usual. My father passed away last week. Fred Waldorf was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge ranging from history to science, vocabulary to mathematical principles. He graduated from MIT with a Masters degree in Nuclear Physics on his 20th birthday. In the end he was suffering so I am relieved that he was released from his body.

I forgot to mention that he was blind. Born with congenital glaucoma, he relied on his memory to navigate his way through the internet.

This weekend I watched a life lesson play out in a 10 year old softball tournament game. My daughter’s team was put together from the top players of our 13 team Plainfield recreational league. They were good individual players but as a team they lost the first 6 games badly.

During the second match up with a team that beat them 17-3 a few days earlier, her team started to click. Long, high fly-balls were caught, slides were performed in gravel, strikes thrown. So beautiful and pure were their spirits that rose to the level of play of the other team. In double overtime they played catch for catch, run for run until the other team came up short. They won!

With strength of character and genuine smiles on their suntanned faces, they worked hard in that game. They treated their opponents with respect and courtesy. The girls had chosen the high road. They deserve the name Plainfield Gold.

Jessica scores.
Jessica safe for Plainfield Gold

I watch. Always a Diet Pepsi at hand.

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