May 31st, 2007 by estreet

Tomorrow, June 1, eBay increases their affiliate payout from 40% to 50% of the final value fees. I’ve been working on a little add on service to make it easy for people to participate in the feeding frenzy.

This is how the money allocation is tracked. A person is directed to eBay by your Rover affiliate link and a cookie is placed on their machine which expires immediately. eBay gives you credit for the person’s purchases up to 7 days after the cookie expires. If the person goes to eBay again from another affiliate link, that cookie then overrides yours and the other affiliate gets the money.

An average purchase of a $25 auction pays $.65 to the affiliate. Once someone bought a $4,000 car through one of my affiliate links. The payout was $30.

Moving on to the natural world… We’ve had some nice days here in Chicago. At least the 17 year Cicadas in Palos Forest Preserve think so.

This one just molted minutes before. They come out when the ground is 64 degrees.

The birds are gonna be a lot bigger this year.

Jess and Brian
The cicadas are 7 years older than my oldest daughter.

My goofballs cracking up on a rock in the Du Page River.

A peek into web services
May 1st, 2007 by estreet

Wurled.comSoftware developers can use a major site’s Application Programmer’s Interface (API) to provide additional services to users. For example, Auctiva provides listing and photo hosting services to sellers based on eBay’s API. The API is defined by a set of commands a developer can use to perform actions such as AddItem or GetSellerPreferences.

eBay used to charge 3rd party solutions providers for each API use or API call but fees were dissolved in 2005. Auctiva went free at that time. Affiliate programs became more lucrative which is great incentive for solutions providers to drive traffic to eBay by making their services free.

Flash forward to today. Developers have to maintain a positive relationship with their mothership site. It’s a deathwish to do otherwise because you will get cut off from the API. The eSeller Street traffic stats page has changed due to a dispute on Amazon’s API usage. Alexaholic is a 3rd party solution based on Alexa’s API. Amazon owns Alexa – See the very interesting story here.

The major sites with APIs are Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Google (maps) and YouTube. Take a look at Trulia.com or zillow.com I’m taking a little vacation from eBay to work on a little app for Flickr (owned by Yahoo). It’s called Wurled.com.


More reading: Traffic is shifting from eBay to social networking sites like MySpace and YouTube – See top 500 sites. eBay is a fairly old site at 12 years old.

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