Time, Love and Meaning vs Fear and Loathing on eBay forums
December 30th, 2006 by estreet

Diane Kennedy does a fantastic job with her newsletters. This is from this week’s mailing:

  1. A Maui Millionaire has the money, plus the time to enjoy it.
  2. A Maui Millionaire has the money, plus the relationships to enhance it.
  3. A Maui Millionaire has the money, plus the deep-seated conviction that what she’s doing in the world truly matters.

If I extract the money part, it boils down to: Time, Love and Meaning Now that’s what I call a good value proposition.

Intelligent thoughts like these help balance out the critics. As you know, I’m partial to competitive market analysis. Someone posted in an eBay forum on seller research, “Why does anyone want to research other sellers anyway? Isn’t it just being nosy or is there a legitimate purpose?”

So I asked my 9 year old daughter Jessica, “What would you do if you knew how many toys our neighbor sold and how much each toy sold for?”

She promptly said, “I would find out which toys made the most money and sell the same ones.”

I’m so proud. See you in 2007!

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